We have expertise in major countries including UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and many more. We offer free counselling and other additional support required to get tertiary education abroad. We also provide IT training and HR training.


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Over 10 Years of Teaching

Learn with Campus Guide:

You’ve worked hard to get where you are now. You know you have the potential to be amongst the best in your field. You need to make the right decisions about your next steps now in order to achieve your goals. But there are so many options available it’s difficult to know what’s best for you.

In an ideal world we would all start our working lives in our ideal job. A job that allows us to grow and learn, one that challenges and rewards in equal measure and one that we enjoy and that brings us fulfillment – a passion.

If you are lucky enough to be in that position than most people will envy you! For the rest of us career choice can seem difficult, and career change can seem impossible. Many people don’t have a deep understanding of their strengths and lack the self-knowledge to be confident in taking important decisions about their future. This is where professional career counselling and life coaching can help. For working professionals, career development is a critical factor for achieving satisfaction at work. Don’t worry – Choosing the perfect career can be achieved with the right career tests and career guidance.

About US

Our Story

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our community so fast.

As college students, we’ve wandered through many roads which were not as straightforward as we’d like them to be. After many uphills, downhills and bumpy rides we realized that it would have been much easier and smoother had there been someone to guide us, someone who could help us believe in our abilities.

Motivated by singular cause of helping college students, we started out making a community that can act as a support group, a learning platform and a fun place for every community member. A lot has been done and a lot has to be done for this community and its members.




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We shape the future of vision care and operate in a dynamic and fast paced environment, thus we adjust, adapt and innovate to be ahead of the game. We’re here to help get you to your future — whether it’s business or engineering & technology, we got you. We shape the future of vision care and operate in a dynamic and fast paced environment, thus we adjust, adapt and innovate to be ahead of the game.